[TIGI BED HEAD] Colour Trip: Break the Limit

#Howfarwillyougo? The latest TIGI Bed Head Colour trip, a range of 12 long-lasting, semi-permanent hair colour shades, is designed by TIGI Creative Team, allowing colourists to unleash their creativity. Create any hair colour from intense tones to sweet pastels. Last up to 20 shampooing and experience different tones as it fades.

Bed Head Colour Trip

How far will you go

【 #TIGI BED HEAD 極光系列🌈】#請分享 各位設計師久等了!熱燒全球的BED HEAD #極光系列 即將於3月在台灣正式上市!12色非氧化型半永久染無限制混搭,只要你敢放膽嚐鮮,打破玩彩的創意極限,髮色變換永遠沒有設限!#tigitaiwan #bh4h #打破玩彩極限 #大膽無所畏 #bedheadcolourtrip #howfarwillyougoPosted by TIGI Academy Taipei on Friday, 17 February 2017

Colour Trip to cocktail and create anything

Inspired by East London where is the origin of art and full of creative colours, and built by TIGI Creative Technical Team, led by TIGI Creative Technical director, Christel Lundqvist, Colour Trip allows the stylists to perform their creativity freely.

(Image credit: StyleUp)

Hydrolyzed keratin and coconut oil to strengthen and moisturize hair

Formulated with hydrolyzed keratin and coconut oil, Colour Trip is able to strengthen and moisturize hair. Keratin is the essential component of hair. giving the hair a remarkable strength property. When hair is damaged, keratin can be lost during daily cleaning routine, which leads to brittle hair and split ends. Due to its tiny size, hydrolyzed keratin can infiltrate into hair fibre and provide the protein that hair needs. Coconut oil can create shiny and moisturized hair.

(Image credit: StyleUp)

(Image credit: StyleUp)

Gentle formula with an acidic pH to keep the hair healthy

Designed with acidic pH 3.5-4.5, close to the typical pH balance of hair(4.5-5.5), Colour Trip helps close the hair cuticle and prevent hair from swelling. It’s easy to change colour upon customer’s request yet protecting, softening and smoothing hair at the same time.

After care

Colour Goddess Shampoo

RRP: NT$700/400ml


Colour Goddess Conditioner

RRP: $800 / 200ml

Dumb Blonde Shampoo

RRP: NT$700/400ml

Dumb Blonde Conditioner

RRP: $ 800 / 200ml



RRP: NT $850/100ml



RRP: NT $700/400ml


RRP: NT$800/85g

Translated by Patricia L.

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