2020 Best Buy in Taiwan! The Gifts Tourists Must Buy in Watson’s

Facial masks have always been the pride of Taiwan, but what beauty products tourists must buy when they come to visit? STYLEUP collects several products that are always snapped up when it’s peak season.

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Kuan Yuan Lian Luffa Toner 100ml/NT$105

Image credit: Watsons

This luffa toner is definitely the pride of Taiwan as it is effective and affordable. The size is easy to bring out. It makes you refreshing when using, and without fragrance, the sensitive skin can use it without worrying. Spraying it after exposed under the sun, it helps soothe the reddened skin. It’s a must buy in Taiwan!

My Scheming Snail Essence Hydrating&Repairing Black Mask 8pcs/NT$299

Image credit: Watsons

Facial masks by Taiwanese brand has always been remarkable! This black mask by My Scheming is formulated with snail mucosal extracts which is rich with Mucopolysaccharides that hydrates your skin. After using, you can feel your face brightened! Besides, it’s often two for one and costs no more than NT$20 for one piece! It’s the best gift and souvenir.

Naruko Raw Job’s Tears Pore&Brightening Essence 135ml/NT$630

Image credit: Watsons

This essence leaves your skin hydrated, brightened and a smell of Job’s tears without feeling greasy. Also, all the products of Naruko are natural without animal testing. No wonder Naruko is famous abroad! Taiwanese should support it as well!

Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam 120g / NT.199

Image credit: Watsons

The cleanser collection by Senka is excellent as you only need a tiny amount to make it pretty foamy. This Perfect Whip cleansing foam contains silk protein that leaves your skin hydrated. Not only does this product high recommended by tourist guides in Japan, but it also get snapped up by tourists who come to Taiwan. It’s the BEST buy!

The products above are not only the must buy for tourists but also good stuffs that we Taiwanese stock up. They are no doubt good as both gift and souvenir.

Translated by Patricia L.

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