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Louis Tang

Louis has been working as a hairstylist for 10 years, he is currently working at FLUS REEL HAIR BOUTIQUE. He’s the Asian Educator of the MOROCCAN OIL and the adjunct lecturer for the Department of Applied Cosmetology at Hun Kuang University.

Louis has participated in several fashion shows as hairstylist, such as 2015 REVLON Hair Styling Show, 2015 JORYA fashion show, DOUCHANGLEE fashion show, 2014 VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT, 2011 WELLA.

Besides hair styling, Louis is also a senior stylist, he has cooperated with many Taiwanese celebrities, such as TIZZY BAC, JANET HSIEH, BO-LIN CHEN, WILBER PAN….

Also, Louis had participated in many movies as the wardrobe stylist, such as BLACK & WHITE 2, LOVESICK…

For naturally curly Asians, it is common for them want to have a layered, airy and stylish haircut like the Westerners, but actually the hair type between the eastern and the western are different. This time, StyleUp invites Louis from the FLUX RÉEL HAIR BOUTIQUE to share some tips about haircuts for naturally curly person, he will share tips about latest Korean C-curl perm and how to manage messy hair.

Tips 1: Wet cut first, then dry cut!

For naturally curly, straight perm is usually the first choice when having a haircut, however, straight perm will cause split ends or even breaking off. Due to this situation, Louis suggests that it is better for naturally curly to cut their hair while it is wet first, then trim the hair again once the hair is dry. This method is to help you prevent your hair becomes a disaster if you cut after the straight perm.

Tips 2: Layered does not work, try perm first!

Generally, everyone like a refreshing hairstyle, so layered might be our first choice. However, for naturally curly, layered will only make your hair become more frizzy and thick. Therefore, go to a professional hair parlor and ask for a perm is the right way for naturally curly.

Tips 3: It’s all about hair whorl!

When it comes to bangs, not only the natural curly ones, in fact, everyone should know their hair whorl and hair movement so they can decide whether bangs work for them or not. Here are two examples for those who want a fringe. One of our editors, Monica’s hair whorl is above her forehead, for this reason, bangs will split so fringe might not be an option for her. Yet one of Louis’s friend is naturally curly and c-curl bangs looks just perfect on her. In brief, everything about fringe is case by case.

Tips 4: Naturally curly men, cool hairstyle is a must!

It is envy that slicked hair or pomade always goes well on naturally curly men, if you have super curly hair, side parted hair and a curly top or a bun is an option. For nine-to-fiver’s, you can try to perm your fringe, which looks stylish as well.

Q:Louis, I’m a naturally curly girl, can I try short haircut?

A:Of course you can, you only need to perm the ends of your hair and trim it regularly.

Translate by Zena Cheng

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