Girls with slicked back hairs is more attractive than boys!

Although slicked back hair is retro, it still never goes out of fashion and it has always been on the cutting edge of fashion. Furthermore, women are fashionable to have short hair recently years. Not only the short hair which the length cut  above the ear but also having a slicked back hair like a super star who acts in the movies. We can also find that all fashion stars nowadays having a slicked back hair in magazines or some fashion shows. To become fashionable, you have to slick back your hair.

If you are still a beginner in slicked hair and you don’t know how to keep it well,don’t worry, StyleUp have arranged some points and trend of the slicked hair for women in 2017. Get your notebook and write it down right now.

Slicked hair is not just for men anymore. More and more women one after another keep up to date, they all fall in love with this hairstyle which full of charisma.

We can find out how incredible of the slicked back hair by many female stars’ style.

(Image Credit: Hsi Ti Hsu)

(Image Credit: Pinterest)


Don’t regard slicked hair as high profile. In “The Way We Were”,Tiffany Ann Hsu broke the stereotype of slicked back, she is approachable with slicked back hair.

If you slick hair back first time, you can try the following slicked back hairstyles which are natural and graceful.

(Image Credit: TVBS)

It’s too hard for some girls to cut the hair short,but long hair can slick back the hair as well.

In the past, we thought that only the girl with short hair can slick back the hair, but now more and more girls with long hair love slicked back hairstyles too. You can wear your hair in a ponytail or let your hair naturally fall over your back to keep the slicked back hair. Although long slicked hair is no more handsome than short slicked hair, the former is more sexy and intellectual.

(Image Credit: Bing Bing Fan)

Slicking all your hair back is the most important point if you would like to  be a high-wattage aura woman or an alpha female. Slicking all your bangs back not only makes you look like shrewd and neat, but also show your beautiful forehead. If you want to have special slicking hair, you can line your bangs to create a different fashion.

(Image Credit: Bing Bing Fan)

You can try to line your bang like Bing Bing Fan if you think that the slicked all black hairstyle is a little bit monotonous. The hairstyle makes her handsome and gorgeous. No matter you are a boy or a girl, you will fall in love with her for sure.

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(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Don’t’ find any excuse to evade trying slicked back hair. Let’s be a handsome girl together!

Translated by Lilian Yang

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