The Clothing Tips for Both Dating and Office!

STYLEUP considers the dressing for office working as sexy clothing since you have to dress fit and mature to be formal. For white-collar workers, you can go straight to date after work if you match the skirts, chiffon blouses and shirts wisely.

Have you noticed the keys for matching?

1. Top (well-fitted/over blouses or shirts) + skirt → Tuck your top into the skirt to look tidy and fresh.
2. Choose a fitted pair of jeans (if the company allows) → The fitted jeans looks more mature.
3. Pick a simple style shoulder bag → A stylish bag can make you look fabulous!
4. Put on an onepiece → Better if it’s in plain shade. But you can try the floral dress if there is a vibrant atmosphere in the office!
5. Tie your hair up if you don’t want it to be messy → It looks great to put the hair down if your hair is smooth; conversely, tie you hair up if you have abundant or naturally curly hair.

Where to buy the clothes for office?



Translated by Patricia L.

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