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Goddess Hair Salon

Goddess Hair Salon, a place for beauty. The salon provides a thorough service in order to make the customer feel like a celebrity when they leave. Our concept is to combine the latest techniques and trendy fashion ideas, then present to our customer.

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Besides makeup, hairstyle is also a key factor for beautiful women. Goddess Hair Salon in Taichung, which not only can provide superior hair treatment, but also dye your hair into any special color

“The naming for the salon is because I had a nickname called beauty maker,” said by the founder Tommy. Therefore, Tommy hopes every customer can become a goddess after went to the salon and regards the hair designer is the concept of the salon. For Goddess Salon’s designers, there are requirements from hairstyle to clothing, which you might feel these hair stylists look like character from Ai Yazawa’s (Japanese well-known cartoonist) comics.

What kind of haircut should I get today is an always happened problem for a customer, so Tommy thinks hair designer need to know what style suits the customer the best when first saw them. “Professionalism and trustworthy attitude are very important for a designer,” shared by Tommy.

For most customers who visit Goddess Salon is due to the salon’s hair dying technique, hence, there’s a thoughtful service offered by the shop. Before changing your hair color, the hair designer will show a picture, which tell the variation of your hair color during different period after you went home.

Hair treatment care is another point for the hair, “Many people regard that hair care only needs once” told by Tommy. However, this is wrong because hair remedy is like a treatment, which your hair will become improved after times of care. The salon’ s method is incline to hair strengthen and reconstruction by recover your damaged hair structure.

Every time haircut means endless sitting in the chair, in order to prevent their customer become starving, the Goddess Salon will give you a menu right after you sit on the chair. The menu consists at least five different beverages, including wine and sweets such as handmade cookies, cake and toast. “Once, there is a customer who ate 8 slices of chocolate toast lol,” shared by Tommy.

Goddess Salon’s interior design will definitely attract every girl, a mixture of baroque splendid and country style with scented oil aroma and a Tiffany blue wall. Tommy said their initial designing concept is industrial style, but then he thought a special colored wall might be an amazing idea, yet the interior designer tried to persuade him to give up this crazy thinking. Lastly, Tommy’s insistence keeps the wall remained with Tiffany blue.

Image from Goddess Hair Salon

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Above is Goddess Hair Salon’s price list, but the actual price will based on designer’s evaluation.

Goddess Hair Salon

Phone: 04 2451-8565
Address: No.10, Fuke 2nd Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan
Opening Hours:11:00~20:00

Goddess Hair Salon


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