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While looking at the latest beauty news, StyleUp editor found this popular A.H.C eye cream unintentionally and realized it can really help to remove eye wrinkles after using it.


A.H.C belongs to Carver Korea, which is a high-end professional Korean beauty brand. Their concept is to enjoy the same beauty salon experience at home, and it’s the combination of natural and medical cosmetics so sensitive skin type and pregnant women can use it.

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A.H.C Eye Cream

Now the latest eye cream is the 4th version, which has a thick texture, but can be easily absorbed after apply it.

The instruction is to put it on your orbital socket and the corner where wrinkles always appeared. After this, you can use the eye cream on anywhere you have wrinkles on your face, then dab the cream lightly without any pressure.


One of the most fabulous parts for A.H.C is they establish the AHC Playzone in Korea, where they offer not only beauty service, but also manicure, hairstyle and clothing section for the customer. For the first floor, they have café, beauty and clothing showroom, and the customer can experience all the cosmetic products.

The second floor is the showroom for hair, manicure and bridal makeup; moreover, they even have professional beauty consultants for inquiry.

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The 3rd and 4th floor is for SPA and beauty events, also, A.H.C provides sport and exercise classes for busy office ladies.

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